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Operating triple “E” in therapy of root canal with NIC Brand-new product EZ PASS

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Superline is a professional manufacturer of endo instruments and ortho products in CHINA founded by an expert team with more than 20 years experience. Recently Superline has released the EZ PASS rotary file designed for the shaping sequence, triangle cross section, fixed taper, safe guiding tip, all working in perfect harmony to provide optimized procedures with lowest operating cost.

About Superline new type of root canal file_ EZ Pass

a) Produced with fixed taper design, the root canal is more regular and convenient for filling the material.

b) The triangle cross section brings 3 cutting edges which reduces the file volume and strengthens the cutting ability.

c) With the patent technology MAXTACT, the flexibility and resistance get enhanced.

d) Thanks to the shaping sequence, dentist can master it more easier, realizing its user-friendly design concept.

e) Each file glide the path for the next one, which reduces the possible of instrument fracture, bringing more safe.

f) Designed for the progressive pitch, it effectively eliminates the screwing in.

Clinic cases are done by EZ Pass

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