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Fantastic Romania

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When I first got off the plane, the cold wind was strong and powerful. Two strangers who came from far away were warmly welcomed by the bone-chilling wind of Romania. You may wonder, if the cold wind was so ruthless, why i call it a warmly welcome? Well, if you are like us, after experiencing the enthusiasm of Romanian, you will understand that deep down their well-built body, there is a very passionate heart.

When attended the Romanian exhibition, we were very nervous for we didn`t understand Romania`s market and humanities very much. All we know is that the people here are tall as giant, and the items they used are extra-large, it just like two hobbits who had trespassed the giant country, and it didn`t feel good. Surprisingly, on the first day of the show, we found out how friendly Romanian people are, even if the language is somewhat incompetent, we could still feel their enthusiasm and humor from their expressions and movements.

On the product, they seriously discussed with us and patiently listened to our introduction. This kind of scenery has also been seen in other exhibitions we`ve been to, but in terms of ratio, such a rich dialogue are more common at the Romanian exhibition.  Except the serious discussion, they would occasionally show their humor. For instance, an old man really impressed us. He had visited us many times but always hesitated whether he should buy, but when he finally made up his mind, we already sold out. His disappointed face made us feel sorry, but then what he did just made us laugh out loud. He give us some air kisses! What a cute old man!  

There are even some people who just passed us, but stopped to say that although he is not a doctor, our products look great, if he is a doctor, he will definitely buy it. Such adorable Romanians will appear from time to time, making the exhibition become more interesting.

Although this is only a short visit, we still fall in love with this country and we look forward to visit them again next year.

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