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Patented Gradient Flexible File system-----GF File

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Combining 2 types of Flexibilities and 3 types of phases in 1 File, NIC GF File is certified with both national and international patents for its innovative design.

GF File, full name as gradient flexible file, it is produced with different flexibilities and colors on the file. A-phrase makes the upper part of the file stronger enough to transform the strength effectively, so that to brush the root can wall very well in ups and downs strokes. The file’s tip is endowed with excellent flexibility by the combination of M-phase and R-phase, which presents good soft power and enables the file to go through the curve root canal smoothly. Meanwhile, GF file is designed with multi cross section. In SX, T, and Z3, it is designed in Triangle cross section while it is rectangular cross section in Z1&Z2. When continuous movement together with Archimedes' spiral movement, it brings high cutting efficiency and derides removal.

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