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Given the recent outbreaks across our country, quarantine times for inbound passengers will continue to be a minimum of 14 days for the foreseeable future.

One-on-one meeting hasn’t ever been so difficult, it is really a challenge time for us and our foreign customers.

During such period, we are moving proactively as below to serve and offer our customers  good support.

--to do nucleic acid test every 72hours to prevent potential rebound in cases.

--to contact our customers more closely on phones or social medias: such as wechat, instagram, facebook, twitter, whatsup. etc.

--to set up virtual meetings.

--to hold webinars introducing our products or for Q & A.  

--to increase capacity to speed up shipping.

--to step up recruitment for reserve talent for post-covid recovery.

Thank you to our customers for purchasing from us.

Welcome to write to us for any virtual meeting demands.

We are partners to reach mutual growth this time. 

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