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Wires Brackets Accessary

Self-ligating system

  • PSLSelf-ligating brackets
  • Self-ligating cover is made of special material, clininal experiment turn over up to 200times
  • Rational designed slot to ensure the self-ligating cover turn over very conveniently and stably
  • Smooth edge, beveled lower incisors and biscuspids for maximum patient comfort and avoid the occlusal inteference

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Detailed Description

Bracket characteristics

1. PSL self-locking bracket adopts universal straight wire bracket bracket data, mainly including MBT data and ROTH data.

2. It consists of the bracket body, the base plate, and the metal locking piece of the locking groove.

3. Passive locking plate is exquisite in structure, easy to open and close

4. Retain the tying wings of the universal bracket for easy operation

Arch wire characteristics

1. Low hysteresis mechanical effect ensures effective movement of teeth in the leveling stage

2. The unique size of the buccal tongue reduces the clearance between the archwire and the groove, which is beneficial to the lifting of the tooth torsion.

3. The universal bow has obvious expansion and is characterized by the uprightness of the teeth in the base bone

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