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  • Austenite NiTi alloy
  • Reciprocating
  • Regressive taper design to prevent unneccessary loss of tooth substance in the coronal part
  • Suitable for narrow curved canal
  • Protect dentin
  • Single file to prepare the root canal

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Detailed Description

The SuprFiles multi taper file is a variable taper super elastic root pipe file specially designed for the crown root to depth method. In clinical use, there is an unparalleled advantage of traditional ISO root canal instruments.  

Titanium nickel memory alloy (Nickel Titanium) is a shape memory (Shape Memory) metal suitable for root canal therapy instruments. The root canal file made of this metal has good elasticity and memory function, and it is easy to restore its original shape, even if it is bent and torsional. 

Products Feature :

① Nickel titanium alloy, which has the incomparable flexibility and superelasticity of stainless steel, is the best material for the manufacture of instruments in the field of root canal therapy so far.

② Using SuprFiles method to further design and variable taper root, the clinical need not tube axial movement can be made repeatedly pulling in the root root canal morphology consistent with standard taper.

③Without a lot of energy, it can greatly improve the quality of the root canal preparation, and it has a wide range of indications.

④ As a result, the preparation process can be completed without the need to replace the instruments frequently, and the types and quantities of the instruments are obviously reduced.

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